Martien van Gurp, HAS green academy

Make it visible

"We try to listen carefully to all our stakeholders. For instance, we were more often asked: what exactly are we doing in terms of sustainability? There are many initiatives, but there was no bundling of initiatives. Let alone that they were measurable. For instance, we are participating in the Zero Waste Challenge; we should magnify and show that."

"We do a lot, but make it visible. You have tangible things like measuring electricity. On the other hand, sustainability is also a mindset. How do you go to work every day? What do you give students? Surely we want to incorporate that more into our DNA."

"You can remove barriers by giving that insight by definition already. This is what we do and what can you do to contribute to this? I am therefore enamoured with SUB's model: sharing knowledge contributes to sustainability. That's what we are incredibly good at, anyway, and everyone can contribute to that."