Sustainable education for the future

In education, you work with the generation that will shape the future. So whether you should be sustainable is not even the question. The question is: how do you do it? The SUB Platform was built with the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) as a basis. You will find a lot of knowledge and practical tools to work better together on your sustainable ambitions. Step by step, you make sustainability transparent and concrete.  

Want to start with sustainability right away?

How do we make education sustainable?

Many educational institutions encounter problems in becoming more sustainable. Take advantage of our knowledge of methods and tools to make progress. 

Sustainability and development with SUB

Thanks to our platform and tools, you integrate your sustainability goals into your operations. You can easily monitor how things are going and which action points are open. And who should pick up those actions.



The benefits

Get started with our Barometer

The Barometer gives you a quick insight into how well you are already doing. Together with your team, define goals you want to develop. With the resulting concrete action plan, you can get started right away.

Insights and goals

"The Barometer has helped us to understand together where we currently stand with our business operations and thereby set sustainability goals for the future. What do we want to project in the coming years?"
Rob Feenstra, Kennemer College

Professional report

"The process and substantiated outcomes are reflected in a professional final report. This final report is the basis for working independently in the coming years to achieve our sustainability ambitions."
Dirk Pieter Halbesma, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Monitor and communicate with handy visuals

In the Dashboard, you monitor your set goals. Useful as a guide and transparent for internal and external stakeholders. The visuals make it clear and are suitable for a socially responsible annual report.

Save time, money and be sustainable!

Understanding the entire business

Get insight into your sustainability profile and link the SDGs

Member of our community

Make contact with other organisations or gain new knowledge.

Tools for reporting and communication

Communicate your sustainable ambitions to staff and students.

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Frequently asked questions

How much time does it take to participate in the SUB Platform?

You can put as much or as little time into the SUB Platform as you like. If you have a subscription, you will spend some time completing the tools. How long you have to charge for this depends on how driven you are and how you are at the moment. We advise you to complete the tools with several people together. This may take some time in the beginning, but it will also pay off: you are investing in a green future.

The tools are an excellent means of setting up and complying with your sustainability policy. For the SustainaBUL, it is important that students are aware of your sustainability policy. Assessment often takes place on the basis of information on your website. Communicating with the reports from the tools can therefore be a hugely important win. So excellent start to winning the SustainaBUL!

Especially if you are already working on sustainability, it can be very useful to get started with our tools. After all, you make it clear what you stand for as an educational institution and can immediately make that clear to all staff and students. This allows you to communicate better about it, attract more students and staff and make you even more sustainable. The visuals showing the progress look good and are easy to read.

Currently, it is not possible to integrate our tools with other software. Instead, our platform is a place where everything on sustainability comes together. However, the tools can be downloaded and added into reports of other software.

On our Platform, you will find games and information that you can put to good use as teaching materials. You can use the webinars and workshops for your lessons and show them in class. We do not currently offer ready-made lessons.

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