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Set concrete goals and make your sustainable ambitions measurable and demonstrable in the Dashboard. Results are easy to share with customers, employees and stakeholders.

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Maintain focus & report results

Targets (KPIs) help you focus. You can see in a concrete overview how you are doing and immediately know if you need to adjust. Results are easy to process in reports and presentations.

What can you do with the Dashboard?

Creating targets

Add sustainable targets (KPIs) and decide on the measurement moments, per year or per quarter. Select formulas to calculate growth or reduction.

Celebrate your achievements

Report on the progress you make with a single touch of a button. You get insightful visuals that you can download and share.

Linking to the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals were created to make the world a better place. How is your organisation contributing to this?

Use the sample templates

Several sample KPIs for inspiration. You can use and customise these templates for your own goals. Create your first goal:

Link themes and SDGs to your goals

What sustainable themes do your goals intersect with? Waste management, awareness or health? For each KPI, you select themes and focus SDGs that you will later see in the overview of your Dashboard.

The benefits of the Dashboard

Raising awareness

"Working with the tools raised awareness among colleagues in various departments. This was because we were more engaged with the topic and struggled together to arrive at the KPIs and focus SDGs."
Monique Koelewijn, Inholland

Make it visible

"We try to listen carefully to all our stakeholders. For instance, we were more often asked: what exactly are we doing in terms of sustainability? There are many initiatives, but there was no bundling of initiatives. Let alone that they were measurable."
Martien van Gurp, HAS green academy

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Sustainability booster and social connector

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Impact maker and sustainable strategist

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Frequently asked questions

What sustainable goals can I set in the SUB Dashboard?

It starts with thinking about and setting goals: What do you want to achieve with your company or organisation in four years' time? Is it about growth or reduction of a certain outcome? For example: Museum Greenworld wants 75% of the dishes in its eatery to be vegetarian in 4 years' time. Depending on the number of entry points you select, you enter data and monitor the progress of this ambition quarterly or annually via the SUB Dashboard. Data collected by Green World for this KPI is, for example, the number of vegetarian dishes from the eatery. Useful in the SUB Dashboard is that you can choose from various templates for inspiration for your own KPIs.

Many companies and organisations have sustainable ambitions, but are not so sure how to make them measurable and demonstrable. If this is something you are also struggling with, the SUB Dashboard will certainly help you. The goals (KPIs) you create are linked directly to data and formulas. For example: In 4 years, you want to reduce the number of kilograms of plastic waste in the office by 50%. Or the entire building should only be heated with solar energy in 4 years' time. In the SUB Dashboard, you periodically measure progress: are you on track or do you need to make adjustments? When you decide to communicate results to stakeholders, you download a beautifully designed visual that you can share immediately at the push of a button.

There are 30+ sustainability topics. Think waste management, cultural diversity, social impact and legislation. When you create a goal, you link various themes to it. There are also the Sustainable Development Goals: Which SDGs does your company or organisation want to contribute to? The themes and SDGs you select are shown in the SUB Dashboard overview.

Don't worry, we'll show you. The first step is a account create on the SUB Platform. Having done that, start the free trial. In the trial, you have 14 days of free access to all tools, including the SUB Dashboard. In the tool, we show you step by step how to create KPIs and how to measure them over X number of years. Fill in all the fields yourself or choose a template and customise it. If you can't quite figure it out, our support team is here to help.

By communicating regularly about your company or organisation's sustainable goals and how you are committed to them, you increase engagement among employees and external stakeholders. Of course, the way you communicate helps in the enthusiasm with which the message is received. Instead of a dull Excel document, we developed a nice visual that clearly displays all data. You can use the visual for reports, but also for a newsletter or social media messages.

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