How do I get started with biodiversity?

Taking concrete steps towards truly sustainable business - that is where the SUB Platform helps entrepreneurs, organisations and governments. With online tools, knowledge and partnerships, together we prepare your organisation for the world of tomorrow.

energie energy
mobiliteit mobility
klimaatadaptatie climate adaptation
circulariteit circularity
social impact social impact
gezondheid health
klimaat climate
biodiversiteit biodiversity

The benefits

Sustainability through SUB Platform helps you

Meaningful entrepreneurship

Make social impact in addition to financial gain. For people, the environment and society.

Creating an attractive image

Build a good reputation and meet the expectations of customers, staff and partners.

Complying with legislation

Stay informed and respond to national and European laws and regulations.


Be well prepared for all changes, ready for any challenge.

What customers say about our platform

Finding the right balance

"As a family business, we feel it is our responsibility, in everything we do, to continuously and proactively look for the right balance between people, environment and society."
Tilly Bakker, construction company K_Dekker

Sustainability profile

"Together, we have mapped out the sustainability profile for our operations and laid down measures in a concrete action plan to increase our contribution to sustainability in the coming years."
Jan-Martien Touw, Sapphire Group

You are in good company

Who is the platform for?

Each sector is unique and has its own challenges. Whether you want to study a specific topic or work on a sustainable policy, the SUB Platform offers the tools you need.

Select the sector you work in and discover the benefits for your company or organisation.

As a government organisation, you take care of society. How do world goals translate into local goals and who takes ownership of sustainable policies?

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Discover how to make social impact in addition to financial gain. Respond to critical consumers and build an attractive, sustainable image.

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By imparting knowledge and skills, you prepare the young generation for the future. How do you integrate sustainability into the school's educational policy?

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Due to its large CO2-footprint, healthcare is one of the most polluting sectors. Learn how to reduce your environmental impact and work towards a future-proof healthcare environment.

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Housing associations face major challenges. Think of the energy transition and climate-neutral homes. Our tools and knowledge sessions help you form sustainable policies.

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What customers say about our platform

Impact is measurable

"The benefit of the Barometer is the insight into the SDGs we can all work on and the solutions that are provided to start realising our vision."
Roelof van der Kooi, Van Gogh Museum

Make it visible

"We try to listen carefully to all our stakeholders. For instance, we were more often asked: what exactly are we doing in terms of sustainability? There are many initiatives, but there was no bundling of initiatives. Let alone that they were measurable."
Martien van Gurp, HAS green academy

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