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The Barometer gives you insight into your sustainability profile. This creates insight and awareness. And make sustainability concrete.

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How sustainable is your organisation?

Get insight into where you are now, determine which ambitions are important and which direction you want to take. In this way, create your own sustainable roadmap.

What can you do with the Barometer?

Zero measurement

The baseline measurement reveals your current situation. See the impact on different areas.

Setting ambitions

Translate your ambitions into concrete goals and link them to the SDGs.


Monitor your progress and make it transparent to all your stakeholders.

Make sustainability SMART

Link each stated ambition in the Barometer to a prio, action holder and SDG. And gives you a concrete action plan so you can get started right away.

Gives quick insight

Using 75 questions, create a baseline measurement. Select people from different departments for a complete picture. This way, you also achieve a broad-based plan of action right away.

Barometer benefits

Carried action plan

"Collectively answering the questions created a lot of interaction and understanding of each other's interests. Joint brainstorming resulted in a supported action plan."
Fleur van der Giessen, Gooi- and Vecht Region

Impact is measurable

"The benefit of the Barometer is the insight into the SDGs we can all work on and the solutions that are provided to start realising our vision."
Roelof van der Kooi, Van Gogh Museum

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Sustainability booster and social connector

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Impact maker and sustainable strategist

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a sustainability scan for our company or organisation?

With our SUB Barometer tool, you create a sustainability scan and map the sustainability profile of your entire business. You answer questions relating to various impact areas such as energy, procurement, mobility and health. At the same time, you will zoom in on the current situation, indicate where you want to go and come up with specific actions that you or your team can take. When you complete the Barometer, an action plan will immediately roll out for you to download, share and complete.

The SUB Barometer helps you map out where your company or organisation stands and where you want to go. The insights you gather in the SUB Barometer make it easier to prioritise and focus on what you want to work on. Goals (KPIs) you want to work on in the coming years are easily monitored in the SUB Dashboard. This tool also helps you communicate transparently to customers, employees and stakeholders.

You can, but we recommend filling in the tool with more colleagues or employees. By working together, you will not only collect the best results but also involve your whole organisation in your sustainable plans. Together, you make more impact!

The questions in the SUB Barometer cover various impact areas such as energy, mobility, ICT and health. This relates to various departments within your company or organisation. Suppose you get a question about mobility and you want to encourage employees to come to work by bike more often. Then you need data on how your employees travel to work and how many kilometres they cover. We recommend completing the SUB Barometer together with several colleagues!

We store your address details for our subscription management and to notify you of developments around the SUB Platform. Regarding your input data:

  • SUB ensures that others cannot access or modify your data.
  • SUB ensures that the database where this data is stored is backed up daily.
  • Without your consent, we will not do anything else with your input data.


An exception applies to the topics and comments you post in the community. These can be read and/or used freely by other platform users.

Currently, it is not possible to integrate our tools with other software. In contrast, our platform is a place where everything on sustainability comes together. You can, however, download the output of the tools and add them into reports from other software.

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