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Calculate your (CO2) Footprint and create an integral footprint of your organisation. It provides you with valuable data; as a steering tool for sustainable development and benchmarking.

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SUB Footprint

Calculating the footprint of your entire operation

With our Footprint, you not only calculate your CO2-footprint; you gain insight into the entire business. All sustainable topics, such as environmental impact, good employment practices and circularity, are covered.

What can you do with the Footprint?

Data collect

With data retrieved from the organisation, you calculate your Footprint step by step. The templates in the tool show you the way.

Exports & benchmark

Compare your data with industry or target numbers. Download the value export with which we quantify your impact in financial returns.

Solid base

Use the tool as a starting point for objectives and an effective action plan. Start with a reliable foundation as the foundation for a future-proof organisation.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Government, market and society demand transparency from organisations. Use the Footprint to comply with laws and regulations such as CSRD.

Report and communicate

We automatically convert the data you enter into a clear report that you can download immediately. You decide which impact areas and data to include in the report.

The advantages of the Footprint

Smart roofs

Roofs that store water and give space to new nature? SUB collaborated on a special project at housing corporation Stadgenoot: RESILIO.
Housing corporation Stadgenoot

Profiling well

"We needed to further professionalise the topic of CSR in the organisation. The digital tools developed by SUB were a perfect fit."
Marlon Broekman, Racktime Benelux

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Sustainability booster and social connector

Babs Mammen - van der Zon

Impact maker and sustainable strategist

Jeroen Zonneveld

Frequently asked questions

Am I meeting the CSRD obligation with the Footprint?
The Sustainable Footprint helps you report and comply with the CSRD obligation.
The Footprint aligns with: CSRD obligation, CSR Performance Ladder, CO2 Performance Ladder, EED obligation (Environmental Management Act) and helps you comply with the CO2 reporting obligation Work-related people mobility.
The CO2 footprint and the scope classification for CO2 emissions and CO2 emission factors used in it are based entirely on the requirements of the CO2 Performance Ladder. Step by step, the tool helps you fill in the consumption data of the relevant energy flows. The consumption data can be found on your invoices for gas, fuel and electricity, company records of declared kilometres and air travel, and your meter readings. Once the data is entered, the tool automatically calculates CO2 emissions at line level using the CO2 emission factors.

The Sustainable Footprint can be used for 11 impact areas. Besides calculating the carbon footprint, you also look at the impact of:

  • Energy
  • Being a good employer
  • Diversity
  • Water and wastewater,
  • Waste and materials
  • Food
  • Mobility
  • Social impact
  • Social commitment
  • Awareness and communication
  • Workplace environment
From 1 July 2023, employers with more than 100 employees will be obliged to record all trips made by their employees. In this way, the government wants to gain insight into the amount of CO2 emissions from business mobility. With the Sustainable Footprint, we help you collect this information and keep track of it. This way, we help you easily comply with the CO2 reporting obligation.

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