Marlon Broekman, Racktime Benelux

Profiling well

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important part of SME company Racktime Benelux. "In the past, we undertook quite a few things without really realising that they fell under CSR. We did that 'just' because we think it is important to contribute to society," explains Marlon, Facility Manager at Racktime. For example, the company has an ecological and insulating roof garden, accommodates disabled people and supports charities. "Now we have taken the opportunity to put all our initiatives into a programme and be even more aware of them. This allows us to raise our profile and show that we consider this important, both towards employees and customers."

Marlon is referring to the Barometer. In the online tool, you map your organisation's sustainability profile and incorporate concrete measures - resulting from it - into an action plan. "We had the need to further professionalise the subject of CSR in the organisation. The digital tools developed by SUB were a perfect fit."