Housing corporation Stadgenoot

Smart roofs

At housing corporation Stadgenoot, SUB participated in a special tender project RESILIO. The roofs of four housing complexes in Amsterdam and the depot of the Tropenmuseum have been transformed into smart blue-green roofs. This sustainable solution allows the roofs to store water and provide space for new nature; good for the city's resilience and biodiversity.


Climate adaptation in cities

The project was funded from the European fund Urban Innovative Actions. The aim of the grant programme is to encourage projects that gain experience in implementing innovative climate adaptation measures in cities. The project installed 10,000 m2 of smart blue-green roofs at housing associations De Key, De Alliantie and Stadgenoot. This is necessary because it is raining more often and harder, while it is also getting hotter.


Water storage and cooling

The roofs can collect extra rainwater and - with a smart valve - discharge water. This prevents wet feet on the street. The water and plants cool the roofs and the surroundings in the hottest and driest months of the year. The extra water allows plants to grow better and stay green longer. This is good for the diversity of plants, birds and insects.

The project makes a sustainable contribution to:
SDG 8, 11, 12, 15, 16 and 17



Interim working

In 2021, Katina Kaag worked at housing association Stadgenoot on an interim basis. "I started working at Stadgenoot as Procurement & Contracts Advisor for a period of 5 months due to a maternity leave. Stadgenoot is a housing corporation that is looking for opportunities to make its operations more sustainable. Here, I was involved in, among other things, mapping the current contracts and drafting various manuals to support procurement. This resulted in an overview that helps Stadgenoot in the movement from decentralised purchasing to centralised purchasing. Through SUB, I got a nice insight into Stadgenoot's kitchen."